Save Our Furry Friends

Harrison College Northwest and Kindred Closets are partnering up for a Jamberry fundraiser to raise money for animal rescue.

***15% of the purchase price will be donated to animal rescue organizations in the Indianapolis, Indiana area.***


What is Jamberry, anyway?

They are high quality, vinyl nail wraps that can last for weeks on fingers and toes.

There are no harsh chemicals and they are not polish, so there is no chipping or dry time.

Jamberry has over 300 adorable design options to choose from, and they are made in the USA (yay)!

Jamberry Nail Wraps at
Regular wraps, $15 each sheet (about $3 per application). Buy 3 Get 1 Free! Featured here: “Bon Voyage”


One sheet of nail wraps will give you up to 2 manicures and 2 pedicures!

They have been instrumental in my journey to quit biting my nails. They have been the only thing that works!


This is a PERFECT holiday stocking stuffer for your lady friends & family. Not sure what to get? Jamberry has gift cards!


RSVP & Share the Event for a chance to win goodies and prizes:


Place your order:


1. Regular priced items at cost $15 for 1, $30 for 2, or Buy 3 Get 1 free for $45


-(collegiate and specialty wraps excluded).
– Regular wrap orders will be shipped directly to you, as soon as you place the order!


2. Specialty Animal Rescue Wrap Price: $25 each.

How to Purchase:
– Please purchase through the fundraiser site via a $25 gift card (for each sheet):
– Choose the custom wrap design and place your custom order here:

Harrison College NW Animal Rescue Fundraiser Jamberry Nail Wraps at CUSTOM DESIGN

Harrison College NW Animal Rescue Fundraiser Jamberry Nail Wraps at CUSTOM DESIGN


*Custom Wraps will be shipped to Harrison College Northwest for pick up approximately 2 weeks after the fundraiser closes.

If you are not located in the Indianapolis area, drop me a note and we will work something out!


How to Apply Your Jams:

Tips and Tricks:

Disclaimer:Fundraisers usually receive 10% commission from the sale price. For this fundraiser, I am donating a total 15% portion of the sale price and earning a sponsorship 15% commission on the sale price. All opinions are honest and are my own. I truly believe in the product quality and love that it is made in the USA!

Shop now to save our furry friends:


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