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  1. Valerie
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    To me it comes down to the biology of it- breastfeeding is the way nature intended for women to feed their children for the first several years of their lives. Period. As such, breastfeeding should be allowed wherever it is permissible for people to eat. Due to the risks of spillage and such being so minute, there are probably even some places where people are generally discouraged from bringing food that should at least allow breastfeeding (from the source). However, the necessity of feeding your child does not give you a free pass to run around topless or to make a spectacle of your body in general. There are many ways to nurse in public discretely and modestly. This is a Glamour magazine editorial shoot, so I don’t find the picture offensive or inappropriate. BUT, if I saw a woman in real life doing this (basically half undressed from the waist up) I would find it distasteful and I would be uncomfortable, as a pretty modest person myself. There’s a movement among women of childbearing age to “normalize breastfeeding” and I applaud their efforts. It is important to recognize and address the sexualization of women’s bodies and breasts in our culture as a part of this movement however. The focus needs to remain on the nourishing of the child through the mother’s breasts and her milk, and to make that act a normal part of our society- both public and private. Otherwise all people will see is a bunch of women trying to make public nudity alright.

  2. Joelle
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    These photographs of Wilde are art; art that I find beautiful. I don’t think it represents the realities of breastfeeding. My first thought when I saw the photographs was “Of course even the professional stylist could NOT find a beautiful dress that can accommodate breastfeeding.”


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